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    1/19/2017 2:32 am

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    7/18/2013 10:15 am


    deserted place or area         ερεμος          eremos                   (egg’rent’moss)

    in                                       εν                 en                          (enter)

    I am                                   ειμι               eimi                        (egg,meet’meet)
              he is                            εστι               esti                          (esstee)  
               they are                      εισι                eisi                          (egg,i'see)
    king                                   βασιλευς       basileus                   (bar’silver’egg’foot,ss)
    Roman                               ρωμαιος        romaios                   (rob'mar'meet'oss)

    this                                    ουτος           houtos                     (ho,foot’toss)         
    not                                    ου                 ou                          (o,boot)
    ειμι εν ερεμος – I am in the wilderness
    εστι βασιλευς – He is a/ /the king
    ουτος ρωμαιος εστι – this is the/a Roman
    (this a Roman he is)

    ειμι ου ρωμαιος I am not a Roman


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