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​nike maker experience and wk lodge promise custom sneakers

On arrival, the dons the blank slip-on version and steps into the Live Design Arena. The Live Design Arena uses dynamic object tracking and projection systems to project onto  the guest’s Presto X’s, and whether they move or stay static, their design comes to life before their eyes and on their feet. Less than an hour later they walk out the door with their new, one-of-a-kind Presto X. Live Design was  created by W+K Lodge, a key partner to Smith and his team throughout the creation of the Nike Maker’s Experience. The 2017 NFL season is nigh, and to celebrate, Nike has unveiled their new Who You With campaign. The new movement pairs  celebrities with stars from the NFL’s past and present, with each pair being arranged according to the celebs’ hometown. Among them are rap stars Vince Staples, Denzel Curry and EarthGang. In the official Who You With ad, we see the  rappers rocking the jersey of their corresponding hometown star. Long Beach, Calif. star Staples has been paired with Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald; Miami ’s Curry represents Miami Dolphins wide receiver JarvisLandry; Atlanta’s own EarthGang, who recently signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville Records, is paired with legendary Atlanta Falcons running back, Jamal Anderson. Even Chicago  entrepreneur Joe Freshgoods rocks a classic Gale Sayers jersey. Needless to say, this is a good look for everyone involved. For Staples, it’s just the latest entry into what’s been a super successful 2017. A few months back, Staples, whose Big Fish Theory album garnered plenty of acclaim, appeared in a Sprite commercial.

The top was perfecting the shoe’s adaptive-lacing system. “We needed the lacing mechanism to work before we could even think about finalizing the shoe’s design, ” says  Tinker Hatfield, Nike’s VP of Design and Creative Concepts. Durability was key. They rigorously tested each lacing model they built by hooking the engine up to a spring that provided the same amount of tension a shoelace sees during  wear. The spring pulled the string 500 times (each time simulated a person fully tightening and loosening the shoe) to see how it survived under pressure. After about six months, everyone was happy with the way the motorized system was  functioning. Typically, testing a Nike shoe involves mailing a product to a network of testers who are given very specific instructions for how to wear and use the product for up to eight weeks and how to  provide detailed written and  photo feedback on those. But the HyperAdapt 1. 0 was so top-secret that none of the testers were allowed to take the shoes home. Rather, each tester tested the shoe in front  of a team of designers and engineers, and provided immediate feedback (that included perception of the fit, comfort, performance, durability, functionality of the laces, traction, sizing and so on). This accelerated the process so  everyone working on the shoe could make changes and adapt almost immediately. “People constantly updated testing documents, and every day we made changes in the moment, ” says Hatfield. “Build, test, revise, build. That was our motto.

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Re: ​nike maker experience and wk lodge promise custom sneakers

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